Friday Faves: Picole Pops

Happy Friday, y’all! If you have been following my stories on Instagram for the past couple of years, you have already heard about today’s Friday Fave- Picole Pops. They are a family owned and run business with two locations in Dallas- Deep Ellum and Bishop Arts District.

What makes these pops so different? Unlike other local pops, they are so creamy, including their fruit based pops! No names mentioned, but I do not like when my fruit pops are heavy on water and/or juice. There are also options for stuffed pops with a variety of different fillings, like Reese’s, Nutella, Oreo, and more!

Which brings me to their alcohol infused based pops! There are a few different options, but margarita and rumchata are the two I’ve tried so far.

If you prefer decking yours out with a variety of toppings, they have those, too. Choose from the standard dipped milk toppings, nuts, coconut, sprinkles, etc, and because YOLO, you might as well make it a waffle taco!

Did I mention all the Instagrammable photo walls? As previously shared, Friday Faves posts aren’t sponsored, and are simply my way of supporting my fave small and local shops. So, are you ready to enjoy your own pops? To kick off 2020 with a great start, head over to my Instagram, and enter to win a $20 gift card to try their pops n me!