Sew My Style 2019: Phoenix Blouse Hack

If you read my Phoenix Inspiration post earlier this month, you probably guessed that I would be adding ruffles to mine. I really love some of the design elements of this Free People top, so I thought I’d add some subtle ruffles to the yoke, omit the front slit, and add a button to the back yoke.

For the ruffle, I cut a strip of fabric 3″ wide from selvage to selvage. My fabric was approximately 56″ wide. I then removed the selvages, and cut the strip in half. Once cut, I folded my fabric in half, wrong sides together and pressed. I sewed one side closed by placing right sides together and then turning the corner out. I then sewed a basting stitch and made my ruffles.

I made sure to mark the 1/2″ seam allowance (with a disappearing marker or chalk!) where my seams would meet on the back of my main front piece. I then pinned my ruffle in place on both sides and basted each ruffle in place. When it was time to sew my yoke, I knew exactly where to pivot (I can’t resist a good F•R•I•E•N•D•S reference!) and had a perfectly placed ruffle!

Since I omitted the front slit on the yoke, I added a slit to the back yoke. It’s functional, but somewhat decorative since I can easily slide the finished blouse on and off without issues. I made a small loop for my button and made sure to position it about 5/8″ below the top. This allowed me to finish my neckline without any issues.

I can’t wait to share the finished look with you soon!