Sew My Style 2019: Lingerie

20190822_091204akhI know we’re all sewing bras this month, but I wanted to take a moment and talk about underwear options to pair with those lovely new bras! There are a variety of patterns available online if you’re interested in getting started with some of your favorite knit scraps and pretty elastics.

Let’s talk about the free underwear patterns!

  1. Madalynne offers the Noelle Underwear pattern for free on her website, but note the instructions aren’t included. This pattern is a classic high waist look with sizes ranging from XS (33″ hip) to 3XL (50″ hip), according to the size chart. She also revised the Noelle pattern in October of 2018 to include two additional views for the back- v cut and thong.
  2. Megan Nielsen’s Acacia pattern is free for newsletter subscribers. After downloading and purchasing a variety of pdf underwear patterns, I really appreciated the stretch guide included in this pattern, but it’s also has the smalles size range among the free patterns I found. This pattern is a low-rise bikini style ranging from XS (36″ hip) to XL (44″ hip), according to the size chart, and it includes illustrated instructions.
  3. Melly Sews (aka Blank Slate Patterns) offers a free underwear pattern on her website to newsletter subscribers. This pattern is a similar low-rise style to the Acacia but with more sizes ranging from XXS (34″ hip) to 3X (55″ hip), according to the size chart, and it includes illustrated instructions.
  4. Cloth Habit offers the Rosy Ladyshorts for free in her shop. These are designed to be more of a boyshort style with seams running throught the middle front and back. Sizes range from 0 (32″ hip) to 14 (46″ hip), according to the size chart. The written instructions are included in the pattern, but if you need visual guides you can find them on her blog.
  5. SoZo offers a free bikini style underwear pattern on her blog, but note that measurements are not provided, so it’s best to measure the pattern pieces and compare to your measurements. The only size chart provided refers to UK sizes 8-16, which also includes a generic conversion chart to US, EU, AUS, IT and JAP. There are also only written instructions on her blog, so if you need visual guides, I recommend looking at the illustrations from a pattern mentioned above.
  6. Last free pattern I found online is the Hipster Underwear by MakeBra. One thing to note is that seam allowances are not included. This pattern is sized S (approximately 34″ hip) to L (approximately 46″ hip), according to the size chart. Instructions are written on her blog, and again, if you need illustrations, refer to another pattern mentioned above.

20190822_091306Now, if you prefer more options and sizes, consider buying a pattern.

  1. Jalie offers a few underwear patterns on their website. They have a bundle for the family, camisole and underwear set, and a women’s brief with ostomy option! Sizing generally varies between an O (32″ hip) to GG (54″ hip) according to the size chart.
  2. Emerald Erin offers the Tuesday Boy Shorts pattern on her site. Sizing varies from 0 (35″ hip) to 18 (47″ hip) according to their size chart.
  3. Stitch Upon a Time offers the Scrundlewear 2.0, which offers two different styles- briefs and boy shorts. Another option is the Bunzies, which offers 3 more styles- “full coverage, booty, and super booty.” Sizing varies from XXS (30″hip) to 4X (58″ hip) according to their size chart.
  4. Last, but definitely not least, Rad Patterns offers the Panel Undies. This pattern has three styles- hipster, mid rise brief, and high rise brief. Sizing ranges from XXS (33″ hip) to 4X (68″ hip) according to the size chart.

Which are you planning on sewing? Did I miss your favorite?