Friday Faves- A Colley Studio

With Lo turning the big SIX(!) this year, we’re finally redecorating her bedroom, and I am thrilled to incorporate a couple of prints from A Colley Studio onto her gallery wall!

I love Colley’s whimsy characters and use of bright color. Lo and I love bunnies, so we both immediately fell in love with Velveteen. We recently started reading The Velveteen Rabbit before bed, so this is the perfect addition to her wall! Lo also loves kittens and ice cream, so when we came across Bianca, we had to include her, too!
When I saw her Make Space design, I thought it would be great for my sewing room, but now I am on the hunt for a nice frame to hang it in our family room or on our mantle. I love the reminder of making space for the things that matter to me, especially family time and making new memories.
I am looking forward to seeing her portrait of Lo later this year. She recently began her Hundred Portrait Project, and it’s such a fun way to purchase a personal gouache painting of a loved one. In a nutshell, she will be painting 100 portraits in pursuit of professional and personal growth as an artist. Instead of paying the customary price of a commissioned painting, you pay your portrait’s number in the series, plus shipping from Olympia, WA. Spots have begun to fill up, but there are still just over 40 portraits available for purchase.
If you want to follow Colley and see her progress on the Hundred Portrait Project and other illustrations, you can find her on Instagram.
***This post is not sponsored, and all opinions and statements are my own.***