McCall’s Ruffle Sweater Dress

IMG_3753We recently had to make an unplanned trip to Kansas, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know I made a new dress the day before we left. I love my Simplicity sweater dress, but I wanted something with a tad more design to take on the trip.IMG_3715I really liked this sweater I tried on awhile back at Anthro, but it was too long and the ruffles stuck out more than draped over my shoulders, so when I came across M7688, I immediately placed it in my queue.IMG_3766Since I was on a time crunch, I searched through my stash. When I came across this knit, I got excited and immediately threw it in the wash. I love the herringbone design, and I thought it would have the drape I wanted for the ruffles on M7668.IMG_3795I made size XS, and debated taking it in a bit, but decided to keep the oversized fit. I love ruffles, so I made View B with the dress length, and omitted the band. I hemmed it 1 ½” and kept the sleeve cuffs per the pattern. The instructions are pretty straightforward, and it was a fairly quick sew since I used my serger. The only part that took some time was the top ruffle placement. It’s a great pattern if you’re looking for a satisfying, quick sew.IMG_3791I’ve worn it twice now, but I’m not so sure I like how this style looks on me. I’m petite (5’1″ on a good day.), so I feel a tad overwhelmed with all the ruffles. I think my boots help balance it a bit, but I’m not counting this one as a win. I love the pattern, and the dress, but just not on me. Ironically, it’s one of Jon’s favorite dresses I’ve made! Haha!IMG_3758So, have you made something you love, but the style just isn’t right for you? What do you do with it? Do I keep it and wear it for my dear hubby’s sake since he loves it so much?