SewMyStyle 2019- Blackwood Cardigan

20190304_100200I’ve enjoyed seeing all the cardigans this past month on Instagram and in the Facebook group! I love seeing people modifying the pattern and making it their own! I’ve also enjoyed seeing how everyone is styling their cardigans!
I made a few changes to my Blackwood, but the primary being I added a seam and vent on the back. To achieve my desired look, I kept the pattern mostly in tact, but I added a 1/2″ seam allowance to the back piece. I measured and marked where my waist should be and drew a horizontal line. Once I marked my waistline, I measure about 2″ down my middle back seam and drew a vent. I went back and included my seam allowances.
20190330_162953I took a short poll in my Instagram stories asking whether I should fully line my cardigan or if I should keep it simple and sew a bias binding. The results were split down the middle. While constructing my back pieces, I realized that cooler temps are mostly behind us here in Texas, so I didn’t want to add another layer with a lining.
My sewing students know I don’t care to use my serger very often (except for tees and thick sweaters), but bias binding would also add bulk. After a few days, I finally decided on taking a cue from Alabama Chanin and hand stitch/embroider decorative stitches to finish my seams , and I love it!
For my front pieces, I omitted the wide bands and extended the front pieces. I used my Designer’s Curve Ruler (pictured above) to create a smooth curve. I also created facings and used the same decorative stitches I used on the back pieces to keep my facings in place and I also tacked them down at the seams. I love the subtle detail of my hand stitching that is visible at different angles.
I decided to keep the pockets, but I wanted to keep it as one piece, so I cut them with the top on a fold. I sewed the pocket all around the 3 sides not on the fold, but left a small opening to turn. I then top-stitched them down per the pattern. I also shortened the sleeve length to 3/4 lenth, and omitted the sleeve bands.
So, what do you think? Did I do a good job recreating my inspiration? I feel like a modern day Ann Marie (That Girl) with my new cardigan/jacket paired with my Buffalo Plaid Classic Skirt!