Spring 2018 Inspiration

February has been full of deadlines and getting over flare-ups, stomach bugs, and trying to settle back into a routine after an extra long holiday break. As a result, sewing has taken a bit of a back seat this month, except for finally finishing Jon’s quilt top and prepping for the upcoming Flea Style Dallas show! (Come say, “Hi,” if you’re local!)0228181150e
Although, I haven’t been doing much personal sewing, I have been planning and taking note of current trends and similar patterns. I am especially loving all things denim and chambray this season! I have a few basic pieces I need to replace this spring, and that’s what I am hoping to focus on.
I love this simple, classic wrap dress from Anthro (pictured), but the bodice was too long for me when I tried it on. I think M7246 is a close enough match to recreate, and it’s already in my pattern stash! I have a few tencel denims in my stash that I think will give me the same overall feel as the Anthro dress, but in a darker shade.
I love the concept of this dress (pictured), but I’m not loving the dark denim paired with that eyelet. I never made my final Grainline Farrow, but I think I could embroider a floral print around the neckline and add a bit of trim at the hem to get a similar look that I would wear.
I love this dress from Anthro (pictured), but I’m not loving the $200+ price tag. I tried it on, and it was an awkward fit…definitely not worth the price. I’ve had B5951 in my stash waiting for inspiration, and I think this is close match. (I’m sure there are other patterns that could work, but I already own this one.) B5951 is a more fitted look, versus the loose fit of the inspiration, but I think I prefer something a tad more fitted. I have a floral/black lawn in my stash that I may use to recreate this look.
M7544 has been in my queue since the pattern came out, and I want to make it happen this spring. I saw a similar top at LOFT a couple of months ago that I originally had in mind to recreate, but then I came across this Anthro top (pictured), and I really like the small detail of lace trim at the hem. I have a stripe rayon in my stash that I am considering using if I find the right lace.
I have a Ralph Lauren top that is very much like this Anthro top (pictured), but it’s from several years ago and will need to be replaced soon. I purchased a gorgeous bright floral rayon from a local shop recently, and I think it’s time to cut up my top and use it as a pattern to recreate this look. It’s such a great style that transitions well through the seasons here in Texas.
Lastly, I’ve had a few requests from students for a skirt class, and I am considering the Liesl + Co’s City Stroll Wrap Skirt pattern. I came across this white skirt from Nordstrom (pictured), but I would prefer a more casual version in denim. I think the City Stroll Wrap Skirt could be easily modified for this style of tie.

So, are you ready for spring, or relishing the last few weeks of winter? What trends are you loving for spring?